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Path Styler Pro is a new plug-in for Photoshop (and there is also a version for Illustrator) that uses paths to create images with super sharp bevels. Powerful new features like procedural maps, metallic materials, textures, and reflections allow you to instantly create high-quality graphics for Web pages, logos, cover illustrations, and more.

Path Styler Pro uses the precision of paths to create sharp and clean beveled images that do not require softening.

[реклама вместо картинки]

Feature Highlights

* Multiple super sharp bevels
* Metallic, glass, and plastic materials
* Procedural maps
* Bump mapping with contours
* Reflective materials
* Directional, omni, and tube lights
* Editable contours and gradients
* Fast previews
* Over a 100 visual style presets

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