WinStudio is a PC-based visualization development software with applications that can be run on the following Rexroth platforms:
 Embedded PC-based panels IndraControl VEP and IndraControl VEH 30 with Windows CE 4.2 .NET
 PC-based panels IndraControl VSP/VSB/VPP/VDP/VPB with Windows NT/2000/XP

Functional Attributes of WinStudio:
 UNICODE support
 Auto screen scaling
 Previously created project plans can be reused in any IndraControl V devices = reduced maintenance
 Clearly laid out selection of objects using the Project Explorer
 Easy editing of graphics using an extensive library
 Dynamic generation of websites
 Numerous connection options integrated by default
 Application without required knowledge of high-level language
 Simple data exchange with the controls using versatile interfaces like TCP/IP drivers, OPC serial drivers, DDE…


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