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Nemetschek On-Site Survey Photo v2007 Bilingual

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Nemetschek On-Site Solutions are comprehensive solutions that can be implemented for on-site and mobile data entry. On-Site Photo, On-Site Survey, On-Site Inspector and On-Site ProgressManager do away with the need for subsequent and redundant entries in the office and significantly increase the thoroughness and quality of the data.

 On-Site Photo 2007:

On-Site Photo is a photogrammetry tool for capturing lengths and surface areas from digital images. This convenient digital measuring software can be used to perform dimensioning and create precise plans easily from a photo. It can also generate immediate reports, such as a space analysis and transfer data into the CAD system. On-Site Photo can be applied to areas such as fatade dimensioning, defect dimensioning and enveloping surface results for energy passes.

 On-Site Survey 2007:

On-Site Survey is used for precise, graphical asset entry and is the ideal solution for time-saving mobile inventory taking, measuring and repeat inspections. Floor plans can be measured quickly and supplemented with sketches, photos and videos. Digital entry on site leads to better data quality, fewer errors, and ensures you do not need to return to the site as often to record missing data. On-Site Survey has applications in the important area of Building in Existing Assets, as well as Facility Management.


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