Windows Vista Compatible
 64 Bit support
 Immediately bootable from CD
 Supports every Windows operating system
 Supports every Windows file system
 Requires no running operating system
 Data recovery from all Windows storage media
 Recovery of data deleted by malfunctioning software
 Saves data on internal and external storage media

Windows PE (the operating system on the CD)


 Active partition recovery 5
 Active Password Changer Pro
 Advanced EFS Recovery
 Anti-Crash 3.6.1
 Advanced Cab Repair Pro
 CD Data Rescue 2.5
 Data Recovery Wizard Pro 3.34
 File Scavenger 3.0.1
 HDD Regenerator 1.51
 Actice Disk Wiper Pro
 Active Rescue Live
 Advanced RAR Repair retail
 Advanced Zip Repair 1.8.1
 Advanced PDF Repair 1.0
 Advanced Photoshopp Repair
 Active Undelete 5.5
 2 Rescue BootDisk Makes
 Partition Table Doctor 3.5
 O&O Disk Recovery 4.0.1
 O&O Disk Recovery 4.1 Vista
 PC Inspector File recovery
 Raise Data Recovery For NTFS
 Pen Drive Data Recovery
 Recover Lost Data 3
 R-Studio 3.6
 R-Studio Emergency
 R-Studio RS Agent
 Disk Explorer For NTFS
 GetDataBack For Fat
 GetDataBack For NTFS
 SpinRite 6.0 Release 1
 SpinRite Iso maker
 Steller phoenix Fat & NTFS

Live Programs:

 Pen Drive data Doctor
 TestDisk 6 Live
 Portable Total Commander 7.01
 Hard Disk Sentinel Live
 Portable Spinrite 6.0
 Portable O&O UnErase 4.1
 Portable MediaRecovery
 AdvancedRAR Password Recover 1.53
 GetDataBack NTFS Live
 PhotoRecovery 6.6
 Data Recovery Wizard Pro
 Portable Dead Disk Doctor
 PortableFinal Recovery
 Portable HDDlife Pro
 Portable All Media Fixer Pro
 Portable R-Studio 3.5
 O&O Disk Recovery 4.1 Tech
 Easy Photo Recovery Live

 The new O&O RescueBox 4:
Is THE data recovery bundle for every operation on every system. It is immediately bootable from CD and contains its own independent operating system. With the help of O&O DiskRecovery 4, O&O Format- Recovery 4 and O&O UnErase 4, the O&O RescueBox 4 can recover files from nearly every type of data storage media.Using the on screen assistant, recovery is made easy and files you thought were lost can quickly be at your disposal again.

 O&O DiskRecovery 4:
Can still help recover data even when things seem hopeless.By means of the exclusive O&O DeepScan technology, over 300 fi le types can be recognized and recovered, even those most severely damaged.You can integrate unsupported file types and also combine different scanning methods.

 O&O FormatRecovery 4:
Enables the recovery of deleted or formatted partitions or hard disks to their pre-deletion form.File and directory structures are likewise restored. O&O FormatRecovery 4 takes the selected directory structure, file name and file information and stores it on another storage media, enabling a straight forward search to be carried out based on the directory and file names.

 O&O UnErase 4:
Whether your files were deleted through a DOS prompt or from inside Windows Explorer, with or without their being sent to the recycle bin, O&O UnErase 4 will recover the deleted files and restore all intact data. A simple and intuitive user interface similar to that of Windows Explorer tops off the experience.

 The Data Recovery Assistant:
The O&O RescueBox 4 Data Recovery Assistant helps the user not only identify the type of data loss sustained but also to select the appropriate product to recover it.Once the interactive dialogue with the Assistant is complete, the relevant product from the O&O RescueBox 4 is started to provide the best solution to the problem at hand.

 Supported Storage Media:
O&O RescueBox 4 can recover data from all Windows supported data storage media.This includes, amongst others, internal und external hard disks (IDE, SATA, SCSI etc.),Digital cameras, MP3 Players, USB and Memory Sticks, Memory Cards, CDs, DVDs und Diskettes.


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