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Editing v2.00 Premium Edition 2CD

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What can I do with the Voice Editing Ver.2.0 Premium Edition?

 Voice files stored on an SD memory card (including miniSD memory card) or an IC recorder can be stored on the hard disk of your PC.
 Voice files can be played back or edited on your PC.
 Voice files that are stored on your PC's hard disk can be transferred to an SD memory card or an IC recorder then can be played back on equipment that supports the voice-file format. Data of a voice file can be mutually converted using a codec corresponding to the equipment.
 The title name of a voice file can be searched with keywords.
 If a voice file with the Mini Player software attached is sent by e-mail, the receiver can play the voice file on his/her PC even if he/she does not have Voice Editing.
 The playback speed can be adjusted as you like.
 You can edit while monitoring the audio waveform.
 A title name can be automatically provided for the voice file. (You can select the method from among "assignment of characters + serial number," ssignment of characters + recording date," and "automatic text conversion of opening words.")
 With the automatic voice-recognition function (English and Japanese), you can convert voice data to text data or input e-mail or diary entries by speaking to your PC. In addition, you can exercise voice-recognition training with your favorite passages to improve the voice-recognition performance of this software.
 With the text-to-speech function (English, Japanese, Chinese, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Korean, and Russian), you can hear the text of e-mail, an MS Word file, or a news article posted on the Internet, read aloud in a synthesized voice. If read-aloud data are written to a voice file and transferred to portable equipment that supports Voice Editing, you can use the voice file when away from the PC, for language learning.
 With the sound-recorder function, you can record sound of language-education materials or Internet radio programs that are being played back by your PC.
 With the CD-R backup function (available only with Windows XP), an important file can be easily backed up onto a CD-R. In addition, a voice file can be written to a CD-R/RW in audio format and played back on a CD player or a car stereo with a CD player, as with a normal music CD.
 With the translation function (English, Japanese, Chinese, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Korean, and Russian), input words or sentences imported as a file can be translated into those in the selected language. The translated results can be immediately heard, using the text-to-speech function, or can be written to a voice file and transferred to portable equipment for use away from the PC.
 With the interpretation function, the words you speak into the microphone can be immediately converted to text data and translated into another language, whereupon the translated results can be read aloud immediately.
 With the Launcher function, passages that were input with other software, such as Memo Pad (software with which the [Ctrl-C] copy function is available), can be read aloud or translated with a single touch of a button. This function can be added to the right-click menu of Internet Explorer or set as an add-in program for Microsoft Word, Excel, or PowerPoint to launch it.
 During dictation, playback operations (stop, playback/pause, rewind, fast forward, and fast and slow playback speeds) of a voice file can be fully performed using only the keyboard, if you wish to do so without using a mouse. As a dedicated dictation screen is displayed, you can speedily input passages while listening to sound recorded as a voice file.
 You can expedite dictation work by using the voice-recognition function. Dictation A Recitation mode: If you recite what you hear from a played-back voice file into the microphone, the read-aloud data are automatically converted to text data. As the voice-recognition function is activated by your own voice that has been registered through the training process, voice files in which another person's voice is recorded or voice files of a conference in which several speakers talked can be converted to text-data files with higher accuracy. Dictation B File Replay mode: In this mode, a voice file being played back will be automatically converted to text. This mode is available when the recorded voice of the voice file matches the voice that has been registered through the training process.
 Voice Command mode: In this mode, playback operations of a voice file can be performed with your voice. If you say "Playback" speaking into the microphone, playback of the voice file starts, and if you say "Stop," playback of the voice file stops. You can change command names as you like. For example, if you register the playback command as "Shoot" and the stop command as "Halt," these commands will be activated upon your saying "Shoot" or "Halt."
 If you set a common authorization key on your PC and the IC recorder with the security function (RR-US470), security of voice files in the Secure folder (FolderS) will be protected. If an IC recorder with the security function (RR-US470) is connected to a PC whose authorization key does not match, voice files in the Secure folder (FolderS) cannot be played back.
 A recorded voice file can be played back with reduced noise. The noise-reduction level can be selected from among five levels. If voice and noise can be distinguished on the displayed audio waveforms of a voice file, by designating the noise part, noise can be selectively reduced. In such a case, audio signals after noise is reduced can be stored as a file.
 Apart from the supplied voice-recognition engine, link-up with Dragon Naturally Speaking (voice-input software available from Nuance Communications Japan, Co. Ltd.) is supported. Data of a voice file (mono HQ mode) recorded with an IC recorder can be converted to text data by using Dragon Naturally Speaking with easy operations. For details on Dragon Naturally Speaking, visit the website of Nuance Communications.


 Bundled with IC Recorder (RR-US470/455/450)
 support codecs VM1 : TRC, ADPCM2, G.726 WAV : PCM
 playback of VM1 WAV
 Playback Effector
 A-B repeat
 Title editing (filename editing)
 Modification of recording date of a file
 Deletion of a file
 File lock
 Instruction manual in PDF file
 Linking to the support page
 File splitting
 File coupling
 Speed adjustment
 Automatic title setting
 Copy & Paste
 Addition of a folder
 Transfer and store
 WAV conversion
 Conversion to a mail-transfer format
 Importing a mail-transfer format
 Virtual drive setting
 Skinning function
 Supporting multiple languages
 Automatic updating
 Supporting the dedicated functions
 Audio waveform display of D-Snap Audio (SV-SD370V/570V/770V)
 Amplification of audio level
 Link-up with XP's CD-R backup
 Simple recorder
 Text-to-speech function
 Voice-recognition function
 Translation function
 Interpretation function
 Storage of bilingual
 text-to-speech files
 XP's write-to-CD-DA function
 Training with arbitrary text
 Title search function
 Launcher (Add-in) function
 Supporting the Intelligent Security
 IC recorder (RR-US470)
 Dictation key
 Voice command
 Voice recognition by recitation
 Voice recognition by file replay
 Link-up with Dragon Speech
 Noise canceller


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Здравствуйте! Был бы вам очень благодарен, если выложите работающие ссылки на программу Voice Editing 2.0 или передадите мне ее каким-либо другим образом.



Уважаемый администратор,Буду очень Вам признательна,если Вы восстановите сслыки на Voice Editing 2.0  (с 6 по 11 - невожножно скачать)...Очень нуждаюсь в этой программе...Заранее спасибо...


К сожалению в данный момент ничем помочь не могу.


Очень жаль...(((((((((((((


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