Artist: La Caina
Album: Vue Mer
Label: Cafe Del Mar Music
Styles: Ambient, Chill Out
Release Date: April 2006
Quality / Bitrate: MP3 / 192-224 kbit/s VBR / 44.1 Khz / Joint Stereo
Total Time: 61:51 Min

La Caina are seven French artists: Jean Pierre Plisson (writer and guitar), Maxime Plisson(vocal), Aymeric Robot (vocal), Isabelle Ouvrad (keyboards & programming), Nicolas Scheid(flute), Rodolphe Chaillou (drum & percussions loops) and Marc Darnnere (bass loops). They are producing a typical smooth Chill Out sound, well known as Cafe del Mar's speciality.
They started to collaborate in Café del Mar 25th Anniversary CD with 5 tracks included with different artists names (Mic Max, Leslie Round, Zednah, Prodoxo and Joke Society). "BailandoVa" and "Le Vent M´a Dit" was their second participation in Café del Mar albums, exactly inthe worldwide known saga of volumes: Café del Mar Volume Doce.

01. Bailando VA [5:31]
02. Calling Back [6:03]
03. Arabiza [5:54]
04. Limited Infinite [6:12]
05. Calla Gracio [6:22]
06. El Unico [5:19]
07. Bop Blues [7:28]
08. Bailanduna [5:58]
09. I Know The Score [5:46]
10. Le Vent M'a Dit [5:31]
11. We're Gonna Make Love Tonight [6:09]
12. I Gotta Know Now [5:38]



VBR 320 kbps

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