Use a software tool for your insipration!
Magic Matching Color is a tool for web developers and designers who need help in determining which color scheme to use on their projects. Magic Matching Color helps them by giving six matching colors to any given color.

The main color can be selected by using the three sliders for red, green and blue color (RGB scheme). If you like one of the created colors then you can just click on it and promote it to a main color - instantly five new matching colors will be created.

When you're happy with a certain color or color combination you can export it to HTML color code which you can instantly use on your web page or another project. The new version can automatically select a random color if you end up without new color ideas. The color combination will then be created with this new color. That's not all: the program and download file of the new version is smaller in size than in previous version!

Main features

> selecting the primary color with three color sliders (red, green, blue)
> creating a random primary color for the times when you need inspiration
> using special algorythm to calculate five additional matching colors from the primary color
> the program cretaes a HTML color code for each generated color and the primary color
> ability to one-click copy the color code to the Windows clipboard
> ability to promote any generated color to the primary color and generate five more matching colors
> the program runs under all 32 bit Windows (95, 98, ME, NT, XP, XP2003)
> online forum for Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and support
> free download and 30 days free trial - enough time to safely evaluate the program
> safe to install: NO spyware, NO adware, NO malware
> setup with install and complete uninstall
> ...lowest price on the market!

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