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MSC Patran v2007 R1B

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Patran is the leading pre- and post processor for CAE simulation. The program’s advanced modeling and surfacing tools allow you to create a finite element model from scratch. You can also take advantage of Patran's advanced CAD access tools to work directly on your existing CAD model. With direct access, Patran imports model geometry without modifications. No translation takes place, so your CAD geometry remains intact. After geometry is imported, you can use Patran to define loads, boundary conditions, and material properties.

Using Patran with MSC and third-party solvers
Once your finite-element model is complete, you can submit it for structural analysis. Patran offers complete integration with MSC Software analysis solvers, including Nastran and Dytran. What’s more, an open architecture allows you to completely integrate Patran to work with in-house or third-party analysis programs.

Displaying graphical results
As a post-processor, Patran quickly and clearly displays analysis results in structural, thermal, fatigue, fluid, magnetic terms, or in relation to any other application where the resulting values are associated with their respective finite elements or nodes.

Patran is the de-facto standard for linking design, analysis, and results evaluation in a single, seamless environment.


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Вы здесь » Free » Industry & Office » MSC Patran v2007 R1B