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Whether the goal is to create photorealistic visual effects for feature films, special effects for broadcast television commercials, or short films for business or game development, Shake 4.1 Essential Training offers a superb training experience. Visual effects artists new to Shake will be able to master this world-class digital compositing program. Senior visual effects artist and trainer Steve Wright covers every aspect of Shake 4.1, from mastering the GUI to final render. Along the way, he teaches the essentials of importing footage, digital keying, color correction, keyframe animation, and much more. Exercise files and media accompany the tutorials.


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Большое спасибо за релиз. Все распаковалось и работает. Нет ли у вас еще уроков с по другим продуктам Apple Final Cut Studio - Motion, Final Cut Pro и др. ? Буду очень признателен за уроки.


Увы пока нет. Но надеюсь появятся.

Вы здесь » Free » Tutorials. » Shake 4.1 Essential Training DVD