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Battery Doubler v1.2.1 Full Retail

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Before, your only solution to have a decent battery life for your laptop was
to buy an extra one. Now, there's a lighter, more efficient, and cheaper
alternative: Battery Doubler! Because it doesn't use standard techniques
(dim screen light, etc.), but finds out what is not being used and turns it
off, such as, for example, the USB ports, you can achieve double the
activity without sacrificing comfort.

After using your battery a lot without paying attention to discharge and
recharge it fully every time, its performance becomes very low. With
Battery Doubler, simply run the recalibration wizard and it does the entire
job for you - automatically!

[реклама вместо картинки]

From the configuration window to the battery status indicator features,
Battery Doubler excels in ease-of-use. The interface fully respects
Microsoft's guidelines and is very intuitive. Because you don't always want
to read a 300-pages manual before using a software, you will understand
how to use Battery Doubler in no time.

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Большое СПАСИБООО!!!

Вы здесь » Free » Tweaking Utilities » Battery Doubler v1.2.1 Full Retail