The Fun, Easy Way to Create and Share Your Own Movies
Say farewell to boring home movies and vacation slideshows. With Vegas Movie Studio software you can create captivating videos that beg to be watched again and again. Add professional pizzazz with transitions, titles, and special effects including green screen. Quickly format movies for online sharing sites or author your own DVDs. Our exclusive Show Me How tutorials help you get started fast. Just follow along with the step-by-step instructions and learn as you go.

Make Your Own Movies, Slideshows, Presentations, and More
Vegas Movie Studio software makes video editing easy and fun. Best of all, Vegas Movie Studio software is a real-time nondestructive video editor. No matter what changes you make to your video and photos in the software, your original files are never affected! Vegas Movie Studio software gives you the freedom to experiment and have fun with video editing, without worrying about making a mistake.
Use Vegas Movie Studio software to:

Add special effects, transitions, titles, and music to your home movies for Hollywood-style results
Zoom, rotate, and pan across photos to animate still images in your movies
Make your own DVDs with multiple motion menus and custom navigation
Commemorate special events such as weddings and anniversaries
Create exciting, professional-looking business presentations
Easy Capture
It's easy to transfer videos and digital photos to your computer. Vegas Movie Studio software quickly imports and organizes your digital media so you can get started fast.

Easy Edit
Simply drag and drop to create movies and slideshows with effects, transitions, and music. Make changes at any time and see the results instantly.
Easy Share

Powerful tools let you burn the movies you create to DVD or CD. You can also export to formats such as QuickTime® and Windows Media® for easy posting to popular video sharing sites.

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