Create newscast-quality video presentations - Visual Communicator provides a teleprompter, video creation capabilities, and an entire library of customizable graphics, effects, titles, music, and templates.
 Share video presentations via the web - When you can't deliver your presentation in person, Visual Communicator will help you convert an entire PowerPoint show into a narrated video that you can post to the web.
 Deliver live video productions - With live output capability, you can self-produce video broadcasts, conferences, distance learning courses, campus-wide newscasts, and more
 Choose a look from a variety of themes that offer newscast-style graphics, music, titles, and transitions.
 Add your script into the teleprompter.

Some say the key to success is how well or effectively one can communicate with others. Indeed, what distinguishes humans from animals is the development of communicative languages - oral as well as visual. Adobe Visual Communicator 3 helps you combine the two so you can reach tens, hundreds, thousands, and millions with your computer generated communication. Add your media by importing video, audio, and still images from virtually any device, including camcorders, webcams, digital cameras, and cell phones. Even import PowerPoint slides.Record your presentation with your webcam or camcorder.

As you read from the teleprompter, Visual Communicator will automatically showcase all your images, videos, graphics, titles, effects, and music at the right moment. Share your video via e-mail, CD, DVD, a Channel One closed-circuit system, or stream live FLV video presentations over the Internet using optional Adobe Flash Media Server Automated Wizard - Choose to create a video based on a particular topic or style and Visual Communicator will generate all the associated graphics that complement your video. V-Screen Wizard - This keyer wizard takes you step-by-step through setting up terrific-looking virtual backgrounds so productions look more professional. Coach Window - The Coach Window helps guide new users through the workflow of Visual Communicator 3 Professional background replacement - When placing a colored backdrop behind you, Visual Communicator will allow you to digitally replace that background with any image, graphic, or video clip For Windws XP and Vista.


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