Amara Photo Animation Software™ creates stunning Adobe® Flash® player compatible virtual tours through still photos, resulting in a slideshow where your visitors get taken through each image in a way defined by you or let them 'walk through', i.e. pan across the images themselves using their mouse.

Build a slideshow of pictures, and define keypoints that allow your visitors to take a virtual tour through each picture. You can assign functions to each keypoint, such as zoom in or zoom out, fade in or fade out, pause, or assign text and hyperlinks, for instance.

Another option is to turn panorama photos into a 360-degree panning view. Great for virtual tours, showing website visitors around a house or office. You can also let visitors freely 'walk', i.e. scroll through photos using their mouse.

Amara Photo Animation Software™ will help you to turn your static website into a lively and entertaining one!

The Amara Photo Animation Software is compatible with all popular graphic file and audio formats.

With Amara Photo Animation Software™ , users don't need any programming skills or knowledge of Flash.

The program creates an SWF file that can be used directly in websites, as well as in programs such as PowerPoint, Adobe Flash and Director, and any other HTML editors, etc.

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