DVDBuilder Pro - - DVD Authoring Software, total solution for you to create your dvd. It includes iMpeg converter, IphotoDVD, DVDBuilder.
Create, Share and Preserve your memories on DVD. DVDBuilder Pro has all the tools you need to be your own movie producer. Whether you are new to disc authoring or an advanced user, creating movie or photo slideshow DVDs has never been easier. Turn your digital media into memorable projects to share with family and friends. No matter what the occasion -- birthday, wedding, vacation, holiday, family reunion, or others, DVDBuilder Pro is the fastest way to create, preserve and share lasting memories on DVD.

It comes complete with numerous customizable video/audio controls that can deliver the highest quality viewing and listening experience. As well, DVDBuilder offers feature-rich navigation controls, for a more interactive and tailored DVD experience. DVDBuilder is guaranteed to deliver the highest quality and personalized DVD Creating experience possible on the PC today!

• Complete Video and Photo Tools for DVD Creation
DVDBuilder Pro makes it easy to create fun and entertaining DVDs with video, photos and music. It is so intuitive you'll be making your first disc in minutes. Start by using the automatic scene detection to help identify scenes. Then, trim out any parts you don't want, add fun effects, transitions, and text, and even mix video and photos to tell your story. You can also add your own chapters and chapter menus, just like you see on Hollywood DVDs. Use the Free-Form-Button Placement feature to customize the placement of your button menus or let DVDBuilder Pro automatically place them for you. Add your favorite music to your project and create a blockbuster that your family and friends are sure to enjoy.

DVDBuilder Pro supports all popular file formats and capture devices, so whether you're capturing yesterday's birthday party from a DV camera or a 1980's family reunion from Beta, we've got you covered.

• Create Photo Slideshows
Create photo slideshows with DVDBuilder Pro on DVD that can be played back on your computer or on your TV through your family room DVD player. Just drag-and-drop your favorite photos into the DVDBuilder Pro slideshow window, choose your favorite songs to use as background music and you're done. DVDBuilder Pro will even import your photos with the correct orientation directly from your digital camera.
With one click, DVDBuilder Pro will automatically fit your slideshow to your background music.

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