What is SWiSH Max2?

SWiSH Max2 is a powerful Flash authoring application. Flash is a multimedia format for playing animation, video and audio on the web, mobile devices and more. SWiSH Max2 enables you to create Flash movies in a simple timeline based authoring environment, dragging and dropping video, audio, effects, images and more to create stunning multimedia movies

With SWiSH Max2 you can build anything from flash websites, animated menus, banner ads, text effects, presentations, cartoons, slideshows, applications to video productions. Take a look at our samples section for just a few examples of what you can create

With SWiSH Max2 you can be productive within minutes. Just draw shapes and text, add effects where you want and you're done. With other tools you will need to understand concepts like layers, frames, keyframes, libraries and symbols before you even start! SWiSH Max2's simple drag and drop interface allows you to get started in minutes and learn these concepts as you gain experience.

Flash Authoring With Even More Power!
Now with support for components, a content library and assets, a new effects browser, in place text editing, video/image/sound effects as well as an improved interface, script editor, drawing tools and internal player.

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