Speakerphone, the "end-all" speaker simulator plug-in, with a host of environments to put them in.

Speakerphone, the "end-all" speaker simulator plug
-in, with a host of environments to put them in.

A bad GSM connection on a busy sidewalk, a bullhorn
with feedback and a helicopter overhead, or a 1952
rockabilly guitar amp in a recording studio live
room: Speakerphone gives you authentic speakers of
any size together with their natural environments.

All the walkie-talkies, distant transistor radios,
Guitar cabinets, upstairs TV sets, bullhorns and cell
phones you'll ever need. Speakerphone will add dial
tones, operators and static, and you can select from
a wealth of ambiences on either the caller or
receiver's end. And with a click you can send
anything from the sample-playback bay right to the
cursor in your Pro Tools track.

Operation is extremely quick: you just call up one of
the hundreds of carefully crafted and archived
presets. If you're a tweaker just click 'show
controls' and the whole dashboard slides out, at your
disposal, with the most minute detail. Speakerphone,
powered by Altiverb, combines a wealth of effects
including a convolution engine that uses actual
samples of hundreds of original speakers, a radio
receiver tuning dial, record player scratch and
static generator, GSM cell phone data compression,
distortion, tremolo, delay, a variety of EQ and
dynamics, bit crushing, sample rate reduction, a full
blown convolution reverb, and a library of samples to
combine into entire environments.

You want to have the artist rap through a cell phone?
Rather than pull up an eq and distortion, why not
make him rap through one of Speakerphone's actual GSM
connections? Perhaps surrounded by the acoustics and
sounds of an idling car at a gas station?

And then there's the host of classic guitar amps,
complete with tailor made distortion, spring reverbs,
and everything else to build guitar tone like you've
never heard from a plug-in.

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