Audio data and spectrums, come from an Analogue Systems modular and Waldorf Microwave XT. To capture evolving harmonics, longer looped samples are used. For you who appreciate tweaking your own instrument patches - here are plenty of unfiltered oscillator audio data, looped and ready to use. Both long modulated audio, looped with their evolving spectrum cycles. But also standard static analogue oscillator waveforms.


o True subtractive synthesis
o More than 250 patches
o 43 sample sets
o Huge articulations and instrument feel
o VCO audio data from Analogue Systems modular synthesizer
o Digital mode audio from Waldorf's Microwave II series
o Sound shaping utilizing Kontakt's synthesizer engine & filters
o Audio, carefully looped in natural sound cycles
o Evolving and static unfiltered spectrums
o Ships on a single CD-ROM

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