The Audi A3 Tutorial for 3ds Max - Intermediate
audithumbThis tutorial uses the XviD codec. Blittze returns triumphantly with his greatest car tutorial yet, the end to end creation of an Audi A3 in 3DS Max 6 - And this time he has recorded with voiceover so that you can learn from the one of the 3d Industry's most respected car tutorial authors. Why pay stupid sums of money for a tutorial that we are GIVING you free? Hot DAMN! What are you waiting for? Christmas?

Skills Learned

Proportional accurate modelling for vehicles, use of advanced tools, correctly positioning of image planes, modifier stack use and much, much more.

001 - Setting up Blueprints in Photoshop
002 - Putting the blueprints into 3ds Max
003 - Working out the rough shape
004 - Modelling the rough shape (2)
005 - Working out the rogh shape (3)
006 - Modelling the Front
007 - Modelling the back
008 - Modelling the Side
009 - Adding front detail
010 - Adding side detail
011 - Adding the rear detail
012 - The grille and other things
013 - Doors and Windows
014 - Stuff on the back
015 - Headlights and tweaking
016 - Tyres
017 - The Tail Lights (fin)


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