VideoMach is a powerful audio/video builder and converter. Use it to build video clips from still images, add music to videos, extract audio tracks and pictures from movies, or just convert media clips from one file format to another.
Take advantage of its abilities to change the compression, frame rate, color depth, audio format and other properties of media clips. Resize your video content in non-standard ways, arrange pictures in matrices or enhance video clips with filters such as sharpen, emboss, gamma correction, brightness, contrast, saturation, resample, crop, rotate, and dosens of others.
VideoMach is the successor to Fast Movie Processor.
-AC3 Dolby Digital compatible
-AVI Windows Audio Video Interleaved
-BAY Bayer Image (read only)
-BMP Windows Device Independent Bitmap
-CVR Vision Research CINE (read/uncompressed only)
-FLC Autodesk FLIC/FLIC-Pro
-GIF Graphics Interchange Format
-HAV High quality Audio Video
-JPG Joint Photographic Expert Group, JFIF 1.02
-MPA MPEG Audio Layer I/II/III, MPEG-1/2
-MPG Moving Pictures Expert Group, MPEG-1
-OGG Ogg Vorbis Audio
-PCX Zsoft Paintbrush
-PNG Portable Network Graphics
-PNM Portable Image
-RAS Sun Raster Image
-RGB Silicon Graphics Image
-TGA Truevision Targa
-TIF Tagged Image File Format
-WAV Windows Wave Sound
-XPM X-Pixmap
Formats supported through DirectShow filters (read only):
-ASF Advanced Streaming Format
-MPEG-2 Moving Pictures Expert Group, MPEG-2
-MOV QuickTime Movie
-MP4 QuickTime MPEG-4
-WMV Windows Media Video
-WMA Windows Media Audio

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