With its aid you will be able after several seconds to obtain the precise transfer of any English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Turkish, Ukrainian, Chinese or Russian word. General, intelligent, subject dictionaries (only 113 publications) will help to find the adequate translation of any special terms. 80% of dictionaries are published in 2003-2006. Lingvostranovedcheskiye dictionaries - unique information source about the culture, the history and the way of life of different peoples.
Into the composition of dictionary enter 6,3 million detailed lexical articles, which contain more than 13 million transfers. Are given examples of the use of words in different contexts. In the new version in the cards the stresses are shown. Sound-tape library contains examples of the pronunciation of 15 thousand English and 10 thousand German words. Appendix Lingvo Tutor will help to supplement active lexical reserve. The new function of the word-for-word translation of proposals accelerates work with the texts.

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