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Quake 2007 is a Full featured Multi Deck Broadcaster/D.J. Studio designed to professionally mix audio tracks live. With Quake 2007, the days of hunting down a CD, finding the right track, and having only two or three hundred tracks to choose from are gone! With a Desktop/Tower PC, a large hard disk (external USB or internal), you can replace not only your CD players, Record Decks and Jingle Machines; you can also eliminate the need to carry cases of CDs and vinyl, and take up less space than you ever imagined. With A 80GB capacity hard disk you could store in excess of 400 hours of high quality music; equating to some 12,000 tracks (Twelve thousand!!).
We believe that the days of a D.J. simply banging out the same monotonous beat are now coming to an end. We are noticing customers preferring to book a chatty D.J., one who not only has a varied cross section of music available, but also (appears) to have an in depth knowledge of the music they are playing too. therefore, in contrast to other applications of this type, in addition to excellent sound quality and mixing capabilities, another major consideration in the Quake 2007 design is it s ability to store and retrieve vast amounts of text based information for the user to refer to.
Features: Dual Streaming Track Play Decks And Information Displays,Dedicated Sound Bite / Jingles Play Deck, CD Ripping/Writing, Audio File import Manager, Play List Manager, Full Function Data Base Manager, Genre, Artist and Album Profiling, Automatic Play with 3 modes, Headphone Support (Pre Fade Listening), Pop Quiz V1.1. Pop Quiz V1 is a versatile Pop Quiz manager and draws on the Quake 2007 tracks database. Pop Quiz V1 "splices" randomly selected track snippets, Inserts a musical segment separator between each segment (Mixer) , plays the resulting file as a continuous "snippets chain", and finally displays a Suitable Question to ask the audience.and more...

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