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Cradle of Persia

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Cradle of Persia

Persepolis - the mysterious heart of Ancient Persia. The original capital of the Achaemenid Empire was adored with luxurious metals, gems and stone carvings that were set to impress peasants and visiting nobles alike. But its exotic gardens and impressive architecture that once filled this place have long since vanished in the passing sands. Soon you will seek out the riddles of these ruins as you travel through the land of a thousand and one nights. To do this you will need skill and a keen wit, but the result-if you survive-will unlock a mystery never before seen by man, here in the Cradle of Persia.

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я такие игры не люблю. а ваш форум нашол и цуть абалдел, :cool: ,есть все!Особо мя прикалывают семплы музыкальные проги и шаблоны сайты и скрипты. кароче супер!!!!


Ну что ж, вэлкам!)

Вы здесь » Free » Games » Cradle of Persia