[реклама вместо картинки]

Electric Himalaya Electronic Toolkit SoundBank for T@ssman4-AMPLiFY

A collection of 454 brand new performances utilising almost
all default library instruments with four instruments by
Christophe Duguesne (complete list).

This sound bank gives a solid foundation for contemporary
electronic music production. Sounds which have not been
available in Tman4 previously, update Tman’s sonic
arsenal with a modern and vibrant palette.

This first commercial Tman4 sound bank also officially
launches wwwelectric-himalaya.com.

The mp3 demos below show the amazing range of sounds.
Almost all patches have very strong midi links igned to
the modulation wheel. The sonic movement heard in demos is
usually due to this real time modulation.

All performances are grouped into sound categories (12 in

The ‘acoustic’ category is included to balance the
predominantly electronic sound and is not representative of
Tman’s acoustic emulation.

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