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epheton contains 17 fully synthesized instruments
perfectly emulating the famous 808 drum machine. All
the nuances and details of the instruments sounds are
captured perfectly. The instruments models are
equipped with additional controls giving you
possibility to tweak the sound much better. Listen to
the audio examples or just download the demo and try
it out.

Nepheton has a flexible output configuration. Every
instruments audio signal can be routed to any of the
17 outputs. This allows users to further shape sounds
individually or in groups via their favourite plug
-ins. Each individual output can be set to mono or
stereo. For the greatest 808 fans weve added also
original Trigger output (configurable as well). Every
instrument also has a Mute, Solo button and Activity
led. Mute will not just silence the sound, it will
stop the sound being triggered. Solo will stop all
other instruments from being triggered and only allow
the selected sound(s) to play.

Changes in v1.05

improved Cymbal, Open Hihat and Closed Hihat
synthesis (less overtone)

fixed hosts crashes during closing editors window
(Cubase, Ableton Live)

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