Native Instruments REAKTOR SESSION

REAKTOR SESSION includes a vast range of powerful synthesizers and resynthesizers, samplers and beat-loopers, groove and drum machines, surround and innovative effects, and revolutionary creations never seen before. REAKTOR SESSION also includes access to the ever-growing online library at the Native Instruments web site for a virtually unlimited collection of instruments.

+ World-class library of synthesizers, samplers, live tools, and effects
+ Loads all REAKTOR instruments and ensembles
+ Includes access to the vast online User Library
+ Complete MIDI automation and control with MIDI learn
+ Graphical sample mapping
+ AKAI, WAV, and AIFF sample import
+ Snapshot randomization and morphing
+ REAKTOR audio engine optimized for Pentium® III / Pentium® 4 / Athlon XP® and G4 + Altivec®
+ Supports nearly all native interfaces with unlimited plug-in instances
+ Upgradeable to REAKTOR 4


The REAKTOR SESSION library offers a world-renowned collection of synthesizers, from analog-modelling to FM, from wavetable to additive. Each synthesizer includes many presets for an astonishing range of sounds right out of the box. The fourth-generation DSP algorithms of the REAKTOR 4 engine ensure that the sound quality is exceptionally bright, warm, and clear.

Samplers and Transformers
The sampler and transformers included in REAKTOR SESSION range from quick and convenient sampling to full granular workouts. Resynthesis instruments vary sd, pitch, and formant independently, and can even freeze the sound in time. Samples can easily be loaded via drag and drop from the integrated browser into a comfortable, graphical sample mapper.

Live Performance and Sequencers
REAKTOR SESSION, with configurable MIDI control and latencies significantly lower than most hardware devices (with a high-performance ASIO or Core Audio soundcard), is an excellent tool for performing live. Naturally any of the included synthesizers, samplers, or effects can be played live, but a number of dedicated live performance tools are also included.

REAKTOR SESSION includes several studio-ready effects. Smooth reverbs, vintage delays, and an amp simulator provide good starting points for sound mixing and exploration. But REAKTOR SESSION also ventures into further territory, with granular freezing delays, vocoders, and more.

There are a number of killer presets, if you play around with all the buttons on the interface, you will figure it all out.

Features VSTi, DXi, & Standalone for PC

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