Xara Xtreme Pro

Xara Xtreme is the latest version of Xara X. We have built on the product's acknowledged strengths, its speed and intuitive user interface, as well as incorporating suggestions from our user base. We have also significantly re-engineered to enable third parties to develop plug-in additions to Xara Xtreme and the first benefits are already available in the shape of the red-eye removal tool for XPE and the PDF export filter (more details below), and many more are in development.

There are hundreds of compatible Photoshop plug-ins available (free and priced). More than 15 example effects plug-in are included. We also include some premium examples from Alien Skin and Redfield, and have negotiated some significant discounts on some of the best commercially available plug-ins. Xara Live Effect plug-ins include a Bump Map tool (creates a 3D lit surface from any vector or photo artwork) and an Enhance tool (which allows real-time brightness, contrast, saturation, sharpen and blur to be applied to vector graphics and photos.)

Xara drawing speed out-performs all other graphics programs, by a large margin. In Xtreme we have, yet again, improved this and made dramatic speed-ups to a number of areas:

- Blends, contours and group rendering.

- Solid object resizing, rotation and translation.

- Toggling zoom factors is now often instant.

- General speed improvement to various other rendering and printing functions.

File: Size: 48.36 Mb

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