Tiffen DFX Filter Suite

Tiffen, the world’s premier manufacturer and distributor of award-winning Tiffen filters, and other well-respected brand name products to the consumer, video, motion picture and television imaging markets, is proud to announce the introduction of its Tiffen Dfx digital filter suite software.

Tiffen Dfx digital filters represent a technological breakthrough that both complement and expand the extraordinary creative control Tiffen optical filters bring to imaging. Unlike other software, Tiffen Dfx filters offer effects that simulate the extensive range of Tiffen’s world-renowned optical filters, plus much more!

Providing ease of use, unmatched performance, tremendous flexibility, and infinite creative control, Tiffen Dfx quite literally offers something for everyone, whether photo enthusiast, professional photographer, videographer or video editor—anyone who wants precision control over their images.

This new digital filter software is offered both as a comprehensive standalone and as a suite of application-specific plug-ins. The plug-ins are designed to seamlessly integrate with today’s most popular image-manipulation or video post-production software. And both the suites and standalone are compatible with today’s Windows or Macintosh computers.

The Tiffen Dfx digital filter suite is the first and only software to provide filter effects that simulate the characteristics of its venerable optical glass counterparts and which match Kodak® Wratten® filters, the motion picture industry standard.

In addition, every Dfx digital filter suite offers precision adjustments over its range of effects that cannot be approached by any other digital filter software. A complete edition includes the most comprehensive array today, emulating more than 1,000 traditional workhorse and special effects optical glass filters and gels. A complete list and comprehensive tutorial are included with the installation disc, or accessible online at

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