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It's fun! It's outrageous! It's the easy-to-use draw and paint program that works like magic. Disney's Magic Artist Classic is a fun way to draw and paint on your computer, and the easiest way to create your own works of art! Watercolors, markers, crayons and so much more! Go crazy and spray your drawings with ladybugs, confetti, seashells, whipped cream and other wacky special effects! Micky and Minnie a the beach! Donald in outer space! With Disney Magic Stamps, it's as easy as clicking your mouse! Choose from all your favorite characters in hundreds of costumes and poses. Over 300 Disney Magic Stamps including characters, backgrounds, props, and more. 6 exciting interactive drawing lessons from Disney artist. Print your artwork or showcase it on the computer in a musical slide show you design.

For All Ages
211mb unpacks to 322mb iso

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