Whether you're managing a busy household--or just a busy day--the right calendar makes all the difference. Trust Calendar Creator to deliver the perfect layout for every situation: versatile wall calendars, portable date books--even posters!--all fully customizable with colors, fonts, borders, photos, and more.

Packed with inspiring images, powerful time-management features, and easy creative tools, Calendar Creator 10 is your complete custom calendar solution.

 NEW! Organize and customize your images more easily than ever with the Image Set Manager.
 NEW! Take advantage of a variety of versatile formats for sharing and printing your calendar designs: save as Bitmap, HTML, or JPEG.
 Get started in minutes with convenient templates.
 Choose the layout that meets your needs; view a day, a week, or even a year at a glance.
 Enhance your designs with more than 115,000 premium images.
 Incorporate personal photos into your calendar layouts--fully integrated photo editing makes correcting flaws a snap!
 Create artistic calendar backgrounds by tinting your favorite images in subtle hues.
 Set automatic reminders for important dates and events--you'll never miss a birthday again!

Staying organized doesn't have to be a chore. Treat yourself to the calendar program that's as flexible, creative, and imaginative as you are. Because your calendar's more than just a's your life on paper!


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