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RoketBox Disk3 DVD

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"Complete Characters" and "Complete Soldiers" are graphics libraries with high quality 3d models and animations optimized for real time applications. They can be licensed by software developers to save time and budget during the development of their projects. The libraries can be used for many different purposes, some of them described in the following paragraphs:

Game Development:

Using Rocketbox Libraries is an easy way to get animated non-player-characters (NPCs) into virtual game worlds and fill them with life quickly. Because of the high quality standard of the characters and the big amount of modification possibilities for their textures, it is generally also possible to use "Complete Characters" or "Complete Soldiers" as a basis for creating your main and supporting characters. Here some usage examples:

 Civil characters for Real Time Strategy or Tycoon Games
 Spectators for Sports- or Racing-Games
 NPCs for First Person Adventures or Action Games
 Low Polygon Characters for Mobile and Handheld Games


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Вы здесь » Free » 3D. » RoketBox Disk3 DVD