Artist: Dhafer Yousseef
Title Of Album: 4 Albums
Year Of Release: 2002 - 2006
Label: Jazzland
Genre: Jazz
Quality: MP3
Bitrate: 192 - 320 Kbps

Dhafer Youssef - Electric Sufi (2002)

1. Mandakini
2. Yabay
3. Electric Sufi
4. Oil On Water
5. La Priére De L'absent
6. Man Of Wool
7. La Nuit Sacrée
8. Nouba
9. Farha
10. Nafha
11. Al-Hallaj
12. Suraj
13. Langue Muette … .part1.rar … .part2.rar

Dhaffer Youssef - Malak (2001)

1. Tarannoum
2. Iman
3. Eklil
4. A Kind Of Love
5. Jito & Tato
6. Derballah
7. Frag-Habibe
8. L'efant Du Sable
9. L'ange Aveugle … .part1.rar … .part2.rar

Dhafer Youssef - Digital Prophecy (2003)

1. Diaphanes
2. Aya (1984)
3. Dawn Prayer
4. Sparkling Truth
5. Ysamy
6. Holy Breath
7. Seventh Heaven Suite
8. Wood Talk
9. Holy Lie [Empire d'Ivresse Suite]
10. Flowing Water …

Dhafer Youssef - Divine Shadows (2006)

1. Cantos Lamentos (Dedicated To A. Part)
2. 27th Century Ethos
3. Miel Et Cendres (Dedicated To Mohamed Choukril)
4. In Human Sense
5. Odd Poetry
6. 27th Ethos (Dedicated To Jatinder Thakur)
7. Persona Non Grata
8. Postludium
9. Eleventh Stone
10. Ivresse Divine
11. Un Soupir Eternel (To A Norwegian Girl, Karen Steen Aarset 1931 - 2004) … .part1.rar … .part2.rar

Late junction (BBC) presenter Fiona Talkington explains how an exceptional young Tunisian musician found his creative home in Europe.

A small seaside town in Tunisia in the 1970s. A boy walks along a deserted shoreline picking up the odds and ends he finds lying around: A broken fishing net; a few discarded sardine cans; spokes from an old bicycle. His heart and mind are full of music and he wants to play. It\'s as much as his father can do to put food on the table for Dhafer and his seven brothers and sisters. There certainly isn\'t spare money for music lessons, let alone for an instrument. So Dhafer makes his own oud, the traditional middle-Eastern lute, using whatever he can find.

You\'ve only got to listen to the achingly beautiful first minute or so of Dhafer Youssef\'s last album Digital Prophecy to hear how the passion for music, born in that small Tunisian town, still lives on.

Dhafer\'s band consists of the cream of Norway\'s electronic nu-jazz scene. Eivind Aarset, one of the finest guitarists in the world today, is renowned for the ambient washes and eastern flavoured drones that have featured on the work of Nils Petter Molvaer, Kjetil Bjornstad and for his own band, Electronique Noire. Drummer Rune Arnesen\'s urgent beats also feature in Molvaer\'s work and add a distinctive, contemporary drum\'n\'bass sensibility ably teamed with the highly in-demand depth charges of bassist Audun Erlien. The line-up is completed by trumpeter Arve Henriksen recipient of one of Norway\'s Jazz launch Europe awards whose unique style of trumpet playing and vocals is confounding audiences and fellow musicians alike.