Need more control and better quality from your image resizer? Now you can have both. Reshade offers its innovative image enlargement technology in a new stand-alone application. Easy to use automatic settings make Reshade the perfect choise for beginners and experts alike. This allows accurate, high quality and realistic enlargements at any zoom factor.

Main Features
Innovative scaling algorithm - allows for over 2000% enlargements with no loss in clarity
Easy to use interface - simple adjustments, with quick preview
Fast access - use keyboard shortcuts to open and save files
Drag and drop - open files directly from your internet or file browser
Multiple file types - support various formats including jpeg, png, bmp
Standard image modes - can use CMYK, RGB and grayscale images
Video tutorial - see a quick intro to the Reshade features
Automatic updates - get notified when a new version is released
Innovative Processing Tools
Control - have the best control over image clarity. Remove blur and highlight curves
Soft Edges - get smooth, precise and consistent contours for all "Edge Control" values
Smooth - remove image defects easier, directly from Reshade.
Texture - extract even the finest details from your images. Contrast and enhance image features
Accuracy - go from smooth edges to perfect estimations of the original image lines
Threshold - make selective edge transformations
Best Colors - get even better color estimation with just a little more processing time
Quality - choose between speed or better quality for the resized image
Changes in this version:
interface updates
- more detailed descriptions for the main settings
- tool-tips for the status bar
- changed default settings
adjustable image panes
added quality setting
- allows better quality resizes
- noticeable especially at zooms lower than 5x
added automatic update notifications
better working defaults for
- accuracy
- threshold
- quality

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