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SPSS Clementine v12.0

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Data mining is a core component of predictive analytics. Data mining provides insight into hidden patterns in your organization’s data and enables you to develop predictive models that help you anticipate change—so you can make informed decisions and take action.

SPSS’ Clementine, the premier data mining workbench, allows experts in business processes, data, and modeling to collaborate in exploring data and building models. It also supports the proven, industry-standard CRISP-DM methodology, which enables predictive insights to be developed consistently, repeatedly.

No wonder that organizations from FORTUNE 500 companies to government agencies and academic institutions point to Clementine as a critical factor in their success. Thanks to Clementine, such organizations can:

 Improve customer acquisition and retention
 Increase customer lifetime value
 Detect and minimize risk and fraud
 Reduce cycle time while maintaining quality in product development
 Support scientific research
 Enhance homeland security and law enforcement efforts


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Люди добрые! Есть ли у кого-нить руководство по использованию Clementine 11.1 на русском языке? Очень надо и очень срочно! В английском не очень соображаю. Или может посоветуете книги. Если кто может помочь, пишите на мыло: Буду очень благодарна.


гаварит NoDescription перезалейте плз. юмжт есть 16 с кряком заранее риспект...

Вы здесь » Free » Other... » SPSS Clementine v12.0