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Folkstr is a social networking web application built using PHP and MySQL that you can install on your own web site.
Main Features
Folkstr provides all the basic social network features.

* Multi part user profiles
* Privacy options
* Verified friend connections
* Profile avatars
* Embed YouTube videos in posts using [youtube] tags
* Embed MetaCafe videos in posts using [metacafe] tags
* Auto TinyURL of links in posts using [url]tags
* User defined comment system, users can set whether
o Everyone can comment on their profile
o Just friends can comment
o Just they can comment
* Search linked user interests section (admin configurable)
o Tags
o Music
o Films
o TV
o Books
o Marital Status
o Orientation
o Education
o Here for...
o Occupation
* User reporting system
* User defined CSS, users can define
o Background colour
o Background image
o H3 background colour, text colour
o Paragraph text colour
* Micro blogging feature with @ trackbacks
* Trackbacks for
o Profiles
o Posts
o Images
o Image comments
* Solo post page for comments
* Image rating and comments
* Profile privacy
* Private message system
* Ability to block other users
* External network links
* RSS feeds for
o Public timeline
o Comments by profile
o Images by user
o Image comments by image
* Invitation system
* Recent visitors, users can see who has visited their profile and which profiles they have visited
* And so much more...

Folkstr has been built to allow community members to use viral elements of the site to spread and build their personal network, whether for business or social purposes.

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