Best-of-class 3D design capabilities, 2D/3D/PDM transparency and thinkPLM integration.

With think3's flagship mechanical CAD product, you can streamline your design-to-manufacture process and bring high-quality products to market faster. thinkdesign specifically addresses the product development needs of machine design companies.

Unlike other MCAD products, thinkdesign has been designed from the ground up, offering:

 2D/3D/PLM transparency in a single design environment. Best-of-class 2D and 3D and unsurpassed interoperability between the two eliminate the need to maintain costly interfaces between different products

 Moreover, 2D and 3D are integrated with thinkPLM, our scalable, ready-to-use Product Lifecycle Management solution, enabling users to perform searches or generate engineering BOMs from both 2D and 3D data

 Extensive 2D capabilities. All drafting requirements of the most demanding professionals are addressed

 The most advanced AutoCAD compatibility on the market today. Users can import 2D AutoCAD drawings into thinkdesign, modify and reuse those drawings as if they were native

 Complete and robust part modeling, innovative design tools and fully featured sheet metal capabilities. Users can design any conceivable part in a single, easy-to-use design environment

 Advanced large assembly management. Capabilities support both top-down and bottom-up techniques enabling fast navigation, management and modification of large assemblies


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