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The Flash Ad Creator makes creating Flash animations fast and simple. Script-free and affordable, with an easy way to change text and graphics!

The Flash Ad Creator is the Flash animation solution for everyone, from first-time Flash users to advanced Flash designers (we've provided all of the native .fla templates for you inside the package!). The Flash Ad Creator puts you on the fast track to exceptional, fast-loading flash creation.

Script Free Flash creation
With The Flash Ad Creator v2.5 you use simple point-and-click buttons to change the text and graphics that are used in the original templates. No complicated scripting (typically required for Flash animation).

Import your own images!
Easily import your own Jpegs, Gifs and Bmp images to customize the Flash Templates

SWF Publishing Software
The Flash Ad Creator outputs industry-standard SWF files.

Additional Features:

Easy-to-Use Interface

Preview with a single click

100 pre-made .templates to modify (no Flash experience nesassary).
100 native .Fla files. If you have Flash, you can alter these pre-made Flash ads even further!
Quickly add professional looking banners to your web sites.
Use the templates to create flash-based pointers to other pages on your site.al
Add life to existing site content in half the time .
Browse Directly for Content
Built in browser feature allows you to quickly find images
Add images with One Click
Place text with one button click.
Text Tool
Easily add text with complete control over color

The Flash Ad Creator 2.5 | 125 Mb

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