The Actel family of FlashPro device programmers provides in-system programming (ISP) in an easy to use, compact system that supports Fusion, IGLOO, IGLOO PLUS, ProASIC3, ProASICPLUS, and ProASIC families. Whether you are programming a board containing a single device or multiple devices connected in a chain, you can quickly program and reprogram by connecting to a PC and the target board. FlashPro programmers provide everything you need to program flash devices for compliance with IEEE 1149, using the JTAG port.

Programming with the FlashPro series of programmers saves you board space, since a single JTAG chain can be used for all JTAG devices. Programming via the JTAG port adds the flexibility of field upgrades or post-assembly, production-line "characterization." Costs can be significantly reduced as a result of eliminating sockets on the board.

All FlashPro programmers use JEDEC-standard STAPL files, meaning there are no algorithms built into the software. The same software is used for the GUI of all FlashPro series programmers so you do not have to learn new software to switch from one programmer to another.

The FlashPro series of programmers may also be used for interactive debug of designs by using embedded IP in the flash devices in conjunction with the Identify Actel Edition (AE)software. In addition, Actel Fusion devices have specific debug software to allow access to Fusion-specific peripherals such as flash memory and an analog to digital converter (ADC).

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