Learn Keyframing basics and how to create advanced Motion Effects, Adjustment Effects and more. Designed for: ProShow Gold & Producer Users


Planning Your Soundtrack (6:53)
Having a plan before starting a show is always a good idea. Get helpful tips on planning the soundtrack for your show.

Importing Audio (7:29)
Find out which audio file types you can use in ProShow and learn the different methods for adding them to your show.

Accessing the Controls (12:32)
There are three major areas in ProShow for controlling audio files. Find out where they are and how to use them.

Editing Audio For Your Show (9:53)
Optimize audio files safely with the built-in audio trimmer. Crop silence or isolate a section of a song with precision.

The Audio Timeline (8:26)
Use the audio timeline to visually sync music to slides and add fades and offsets, eliminating the standard guesswork.

Quick Syncing Options (6:16)
Learn how to make the length of your music match up with the length of your show with quick syncing options.

Record Slide Timing (10:36)
There's nothing like watching a show that is expertly beat-matched to its soundtrack. Learn how to make it happen.

Recording Voiceovers (10:46)
Enhance any documentary-style show with a narration track. Learn how to record one in-program and edit it to perfection.

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