DigiOnAudio2 R8


DVD-Audio - MLP Stereo (96/24), LPCM Stereo (192/24), MLP 5.1 & LPCM 5.1 (48/24)

DVD-Video - AC3 Stereo/5.1 (48khz/448kbps) LPCM Stereo (96/24) LPCM 5.1 (48/24)

CD Audio - Standard Redbook audio


CD Playback and Ripping - Convert directly to MLP/AC3/AIF/WAV/MP3/WMA/OGG/DGS/RAW/AU.

Sound Recording - up to 192khz/32bit with timer control and auto-segmenting.

In this release:

- All files have been integrated into a single installer.

- Two new conversion formats were added: RAW and AU. (RAW files cannot be loaded, so you can only convert *to* that format)

- Many more dialogs, menus and error messages have been translated

- The New Group from Recording/CD Ripping windows now work.

- The DVD Menu Editor and Label Maker are included and have been translated.

- Many incorrect translations were corrected (eg. AC3 property pages)

- All functions now work under 32bit Vista and XP. The PzWDM driver doesn't work in x64 so you won't be able to burn CD/DVDs directly to disc (compile to folders only).

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