Once upon a time, flora and trees covered the peaceful countryside of a distant and beautiful world. One day, Skours invaded and darkness descended upon this formerly idyllic land, shattering the peace that had prevailed for ages. As the Skours' deprivation grew, they inadvertently awoke the Voice of the Land, Bababoonka, a wise and powerful leader.
Now, with Bababoonka's guidance, subdivide into small nature spirits called Boonkas, work to heal the flora and trees damaged by these dark invaders and, ultimately, drive the Skours from their strongholds and castles.
Boonka™ includes 3 different game modes designed for every kind of player. Restore the land to its once tranquil way of life in Adventure Mode, put your reflexes to the test in Blitz Mode, or take your time playing Beanstalk Mode. With over 60 fast-paced levels, 15 powerful, level-changing power-ups and bonuses, and truly addictive gameplay, Boonka has something for everyone!

* Over 60 fast-paced levels
* 3 game modes: Adventure, Blitz and Beanstalk
* 15 powerful, level-changing power-ups and bonuses
* 41 unique level challenges.

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