[реклама вместо картинки]
You must have been familiar with chat emoticons. But have you ever thought of sending voice emotions during voice conversations? vEmotion is just on the beam to do this for you. As long as you are in a voice conversation, vEmotion enables you to:

Set background music for Instant Messenger voice conversations. So as to share music among you and your friends.

Send voice emotions to your friends who take part in a voice conversation. Anything you have inconvenience in expressing it with your mouth or text, you can communicate it by voice emotions.

Record voice conversations into MP3 (or WAV) files with CD quality. And you can manage/replay call records easily.

Version, released at June 12, 2006.
Following features were inherited from previous versions:
Add voice emotions to and set background music for IM voice conversations.
Play a greeting message on beginning of a voice conversation.
Set local volume and volume of your conversation partners separately.
Mute microphone, so as to enhance audio quality for your partners.
Record calls into audio files (dual-trace or single-trace), and manage (sort, find, replay) records.
Support MP3 and WAVE audio formats.
Edit and play VEA (Voice Emotion Audio) files. Supported image formats include gif, jpg, png, ico, wfm, emf.
Export audio data from VEA files.
Ability to run as a stand-alone audio player.
Online software upgrade.

Modifications and new features:
Change sample rate (audio frequency) after a voice conversation is recorded.
Real-time memoire for voice conversations. Feel free to write about what you are talking about before you forget.
Sort call records by call during or beginning time (ascend or descend).
Display the actual epoch (time at which the call took place) while replaying a call record.
Improved voice recording quality for msn users.
Microphone recorder. You can record a voice, then send it to your friends via vEmotion.
Two modes for sound mixing. Better quality of sharing music, esspecially for msn and aim users.
AIM Triton supporting included.
Improved user interfaces.
Major bugs fixed.

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