[реклама вместо картинки]
Attention be sure to follow instructions in the nfo or it will not work!!!

1. Run windowblinds501_enhanced.exe                           
2. Complete the intallation until it reaches               
the point where it says "WindowBlinds needs             
a reboot". Now click "I'll Reboot Later" and             
close the Stardock Product Activation window           
by clicking the X in the upper right corner.       
3. Navigate to the installation directory, e.g.         
\Program Files\Stardock\Object Desktop\WindowBlinds\   
here you should rename WbSrv.dll to WbSrv.dll.lz0     
4. Copy/overwrite all files from crack.zip to the         
installation directory.                                 
5. Reboot your machine, this is important, do not           
run windowblinds before the reboot!                   

6. Enjoy
PS. You can now delete WbSrv.dll.lz0 if you want.           
There are not many releases of this application that is     
properly cracked, but our release is 100% working

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