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LucasFilm Sound Effects Library

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[реклама вместо картинки]

LucasFilm, the world's greatest innovator of sound design and Sound Ideas, the world's largest creator of sound effects, have joined forces to produce a unique six CD sound effect collection.
Now, for the first time ever, you can have Academy Award winning sound effects originally used in many of Lucasfilm's major motion pictures, plus new sound clips specially created by Sound Ideas for this incredible co-production.

Produced By LucasFilm.
Produced By Sound Ideas.

CD 1: Animal Sounds.
CD 2: Elements (Wind, Rain, Fire).
CD 3: Industry Sounds.
CD 4: Aircraft Carrier.
CD 5: Helicopter & Private Jet.

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Thanx еще была бы не рапида

Отредактировано Крематор (2006-08-29 13:35:25)


thanks очень нужно

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Вы здесь » Free » Other things... / Другое... » LucasFilm Sound Effects Library