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    Artist: Jazzamor
    Album: Travel
    Genre: Lo-Fi
    Source: CDDA
    Label: Blue Flame
    Date: 2006-06-29
    Encoder: LAME 3.90.3 | alt-preset standard
    Quality: 197kbps | 44100 kHz | Joint Stereo
    Tracks: 14
    Time: 59:08 min
    Size: 87.81
    URL: http://www.jazzamor.com

:: T R A C K L i S T ::
01. Before Too Long "03:55
02. Nuit Magique "04:15
03. Hidden Treasure "03:54
04. Song For Maggie "03:41
05. Don't Think Twice, It's All Right "04:22
06. Travel In Order Not To Arrive "05:52
07. Song Of Silence "04:32
08. Icy "04:06
09. Encore "03:01
10. Easy Game "03:58
11. Caught In The Middle "05:16
12. Nothing Lasts For Long "04:10
13. Wann Ist Es Liebe "04:19
14. Tibet "03:47

:: i N F O ::
Memories of desires.
Thoughts about love.
Melancholy for things lost.
Yearnings for distant places.

With the theme of their new CD Travel In Order Not To Arrive, Jazzamor show just how much further theyve come with their music in the past two years.
Bettina Mischke and Roland Grosch have docked at a total of thirteen stations all around the world.

The duos first two CDs already provided a change of scenery. With the bossa nova of the sixties on Lazy Sunday Afternoon (released 2002 BF/rough trade 317.5068.2), Bettina and Roland were transported from Frankfurt city life to the sunny beaches of Rios Ipanema. On A Piece Of My Heart (released 2004 BF/rough trade 317.5017.2), it was more a case of changing the emotional scenery. Now the time has come for their grand tour.

The trail leads them from the melancholy rolling hills of Scotland (Before too long), via the sensual shores of Martinique (Nuit Magique) to the wide hot sands of Australia (Song For Maggy). Along the way, they call in on the mysterious Tibetan mountains (Tibet) and even the eternal ice of the Antarctic (Icy).

After all this time on the road, homesickness is inevitable. It takes the form of the German song Wann ist es Liebe? a classic track that still sounds up to date. Relaxed but never dull.

In contrast to Jazzamors previous focus on Latin grooves and buoyant melodies, the formation has discovered an array of new instruments and languages on their global tour. They are mixed with the typical Jazzamor sound. The songs arent about finding answers, but the experience of travelling. The aim is not to arrive somewhere, but to find the courage to continue the journey.

"Travel" is the third album of the german duo Jazzamor. From their first album on they had their own sound - and they kept working on it and developing it.

The music of Jazzamor contains elements of different styles - Jazz, Lounge and Pop. "Jazz: Yes or No?" is the question on their homepage. For their debut album "Lazy sunday afternoon" the answer could maybe have been "yes". But for "Travel"? No, not really.

"Travel" contains musical influences from different places and different times. There is a Blue harp in "Dont't think twice", there is "Easy Game" that seems to be influenced by the Disco sound of the 70s, there are african influences in "Hidden Treasure", there are Hip Hop versions of two titles. But finally all titles share the typical Jazzamor sound.

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