ARTiST: Craig Richards and Transparent Sound (Live)
    ALBUM: The Two Headed Monster
    YEAR: 2006
    LABEL: Orson
    GENRE: Electronic
    SUB-GENRE: Techno/Tech/Minimal
    ENCODER: Lame
    QUALITY: VBRkbps | 44.1kHz
    TRACKS: 02
    RIP DATE: 04.08.2006

:: T R A C K L i S T ::
CD 1: Craig Richards - The Two Headed Monster
01. Andy Toth / Jovian Zoology "04:41
02. Sweet N Candy / Mail "04:04
03. Crane AK / Electrothermid "03:40
04. Ryan Crosson / Artists Have Bad Haircuts "03:23
05. Lineas De Nazca / Artists Have Bad Haircuts "05:03
06. Apoll / From A To B (Falko Broksieper Remix) "03:27
07. Lexdinamo / Iky V "03:17
08. T Raumschmiere / Knisterpop "04:40
09. Und / Coccopuffs "03:12
10. Motor / 1.1 "03:49
11. Alex Under / Gavroche "04:03
12. Joel Mull / Untitled "05:12
13. Actual Jakshun / Sequential Circus "03:01
14. Louderbach / Grace "04:48
15. 2000 and One / Get Down (Shindoe Remix) "04:15
16. Ruadive / Turn It Off "03:38
17. Marc Ashken / Hair Up High "02:58
18. Matt John / Jokebox "04:09
CD 2: Transparent Sound (Live) - The Two Headed Monster
01. Transparent Sound / Secrets Of The Sane "05:24
02. Transparent Sound / Voyeurs Chance "06:48
03. Transparent Sound / Hell Bent "04:53
04. Transparent Sound / The Cider Club "07:54
05. Transparent Sound / Sucking Lemons "07:48
06. Transparent Sound / The Two Headed Monster "06:48
07. Transparent Sound / Spot The Difference "07:09
08. Transparent Sound / Proper Techno "07:37
09. Transparent Sound / Vintage "07:56
10. Transparent Sound / Variations Of An Attitude "08:09
TOTAL: 141:49 min | 199,1 MB

:: i N F O ::
The first mix belongs to the Fabric legend Craig Richards. Almost 70 minutes of pure minimal, tech-house and deep house are flowing through the listener. If we play the mix from the very beginning, we’ll find a dirty tech-house tune with many abstract element; this is Andy Toth and the track Jovian Zoology. Following the shacky electro deep tune from Sweet.NCandy, it’s time to play an excellent bold-kick minimal track, Crane AK and Electrothermid. Craig Richards is a DJ who knows very well the public, the crowd. He tried to gather on this mix a fresh sample from his live performances, featuring energetic tracks, a cool and forward thinking music, and also an excellent selection of tracks. It would be no good to enumerate the tracks, their title and artist, and after that just to stop. So I would consider a few best tracks from this mix: I must say this producer Ryan Crosson delivers some unbelievable sounds, building up a special kick with a special rhythm for special needs – dance floor :) Next it’s Lexdinamo and a deep tune, but dynamic, Iky. Another track to be followed is Knisterpop by T. Raumschmiere, good music with some massive energy boiling up. The Spanish Alex Under and his track Gavroche installs a psychedelic sound-terror, through some bizarre synths and abstract composition of the track – really shacking but minimal. Oh, don’t forget about the excellent Coccopuffs by Und, a hypnotic travel into the mind of listeners. Louderbach and their Grace is really going to break the dance floor; ready to roll? And for the final of the mix Craig Richards has prepared three excellent tracks, Ruadive and Turn It Off, a bit more dynamic and alive, and the other two ones, very deep and minimal: Marc Ashken with the track Hair Up High, and Matt John with Jokebox, productions better known by the lovers of this music genre. In nuce, we have one complete mix, featuring great productions coming from talented artists. A mix which flows, with a few stops, but continuing the minimal techno line, because this is nothing fancy or trendy, is just what Craig Richards can do better.

Now, let’s talk about Transparent Sound. They are Orson Bramley and Martin Brown, two musicians whom can play with the drum machines and any electronic equipment that rakes out good music. They are not afraid of trying new things, improvising, as they play live. A few labels where these two folks have put an imprint are: their own Transparent Sound, Mullukan, In-pressed, Fiction, Crayon, Electrix Records, Orson Records and many more. In order to release this new project with Craig Richards, they have made ten different original tracks and put it together in a mix, and after that…releasing it! Secrets of the Sane is the first track opening this solid mix, and after that an acid melodic tune points out a smooth energy - Voyeur’s Chance. Next we can listen to some techno, elegant and sweet created, with a lush melodic line and a sexy rhythm; this is Hell Bent. The sixth track really points out a big atmosphere, with a crazy bass line and a twisted break beat rhythm; not only break-beat, but also some techno indeed. It’s something like the core of the mix, maybe that’s why is called Tales of the Two Headed Monster. After there’s some sick techno coming in, a twisted three tracks session, we may say.. After Proper Techno and Vintage, the mix ends up with the driving beats from Variations of an Attitude. Lights out.

The project The Two Headed Monster is not an assemblage of scary stories with monsters, but a package with two mixes. We can consider also this project an experiment, like I said before, as the first mix points out a sample of what’s going on in the crowded clubs where he (Craig Richards) play, and the second mix is a pure manifestation of creativity and music skills. For sure, the Transparent Sound boys are to be watched!

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