Artist: Ibizarre
    Album: The Ambient Collection Vol.6
    Type: Promo
    Label: Ibiarre Records
    CatalogNr.: n/a 09.08.2006 00.00.2006
    Genre: Ambient
    Style: Ambient
    Source: CDDA
    Grabber: EAC 0.95
    Encoder: Lame 3.96.1 --APS
    Quality: VBRkbps / 44,1kHz
    Channel Mode: Joint-Stereo
    No.Tracks: 01
    Size: 97,1 MB
    Length: 70:53 min

:: T R A C K L i S T ::
No | Title | Time
01. Ibizarre / Aurora Borealis
02. Ibizarre / Las Alas De La Libertad
03. Ibizarre / Sloppy Joe's Bar
04. Ibizarre / Navegando
05. Ibizarre / When The Ocean Smiles
06. Ibizarre / Un Sol Para Todos
07. Ibizarre / The Escapist
08. Ibizarre / Forbidden Fruit
09. Ibizarre / Rocio
10. Ibizarre / All About The Girl
11. Ibizarre / Sapphyre
12. Ibizarre / Sundry
13. Ibizarre / Flotsam
14. Ibizarre / Horizons
15. Ibizarre / Forever Dawn Part 2
Total: 70:53 min

:: i N F O ::
Lennart Just Kisum Krarup a.k.a Lenny Ibizarre is born in Copenhagen, Denmark 1972. From the tender age of seven he started showing serious interest in oriental/ethnic, electronic and classical music. In 1988 the Acid House revolution took over and became a massive influence on him. In 1990 he travelled to Ibiza for the first time and fell in love with the island, the people and, most of all, the music. He moved to the island shortly after with nothing but two suitcases full of synths and sequencers.

Lenny emerged on the music scene in Ibiza in 1997 with his debut album The Ambient Collection; a refreshing laid-back affair encapsulating Ibizas chilled environment. "An amalgamation of slow-burning funked-up retro-grooves clad in subliminal soundscapes of tender melancholy and inner peace", as the press put it at the time. The album was hailed by reviewers and chill-out DJs like Jose Padilla with whom Lenny temporarily remixed and co-produced. Within the year he was sound-tracking movies and documentaries as well as remixing several cult artist lurking in the vault of major labels. Over the last years he has firmly established himself as a leading force in the Ibizan chill-out scene through continous contribution to local events. The Ambient Collections represent some of Lenny's finest work. His summer schedule is mostly international but you can still catch him spinning in Ibiza for his residences in Pacha, Mambo, Kumharas and Cafe Del Mar.

So here comes volume 6 of his ambient collection. … -PsyCZ.rar

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