If to speak about so-called "parallel" works Deep Forest necessarily it is necessary to mention such disks as " Dao Dezi " and "Pangea". Number albums Deep Forest they are not for one simple reason. Music Deep Forest can be named only those albums above which Michel Sanchez and Eric Mouqet worked together.
Plate " Dao Dezi " - the project undertaken Eric Mouqet and executive producer Deep Forest whom call Guillain Joncheray. Music " Dao Dezi " is a mix of sounds
tools and a vocal with elements of electronic music. By the way, this disk has been let out by exclusively limited circulation and shows a greater rarity.

Year: 1994
Style: Ethnic/Worldbeat
Country: France
Format: mp3/320/Stereo/3%Recovery/
Size: 103 mB


1 Hebrides (4:52)
2 La Jument De Mishao (4:12)
3 Kokerikero (4:20)
4 Ti Eliz Iza (7:40)
5 Tri Martolod
6 The King Of The Fairies (4:56)
7 Gaspesie (3:12)
8 An Tri Breur (3:10)
9 Pop Plinn (3:46)
10 11.11.93
11 Digor (5:22)

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