Slice the  with the design on there with sharp shears. Then, hold the cutting design with your . You can choose the positioning that you want in order to make sure the size of the design with the . 
design back within the flat working surface. Then, brush it with contact adhesive with a small brush. Then, you should press the loose sequins you want to add quickly. You have to make certain that the sequins stick towards fabric correctly to stay away from the overlapping of t they sequins. In this case, you can stick different colors of sequins so as to create an image within the fabric. Additionally, you can make monochrome border to make the design looks great. Place a sheet of wax paper about the fabric and press the sequins you have stuck on it. For this, you can put a huge, heavy book so the sequins can stick for the fabric strongly. Then, you have to hold this position for about an hour to make certain the glue is dry out. 
Glue the fabric after you apply a layer of contact adhesive on it. Glue the fabric within the  in the part that you might want. In this step, you should do that quickly. Press it after it sticks towards the  and wipe any overabundance adhesive. Let it sticks perfectly and you'll get great customized .