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Scientific Word 5.5

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Scientific Word simplifies working with colleagues in other locations. Version 5.5 includes a new input filter for importing files created in native LaTeX. The filter can read many macro definitions not created in Scientific Word.

The program also includes support for pdfTeX. Before passing your file to the pdfTeX processor, Scientific Word converts all the graphics in your file to a form that can be processed by pdfLaTeX. Also, documents that use the Hyperref package produce PDF documents that are fully hyperlinked, with links in the table of contents and with hierarchical bookmarks corresponding to the structure of your document. This combination of support for embedded graphics with a large variety of formats and full hyperlinking makes the PDF documents produced by Scientific Word superior both to the results of pdfLaTeX alone and to the results of Acrobat. When you use pdfTeX to print your document, you can use PostScript-related packages such as Rotating or the PSNFSS font packages that were previously unsupported in the program.

Support for creating PDF files now combines with support for Beamer so that you can create typeset PDF presentations from your Scientific Word documents. Beamer support provides dynamic transitions and many predefined slide styles to help you create professional-looking presentations, handouts, and transparencies that contain text, mathematics, graphics, and even animations.

Scientific Word imports text (.txt) and Rich Text Format (.rtf) files, and exports documents to RTF format for importing into Microsoft Word. The mathematics in your document are converted to Microsoft Equation Editor or MathType 5 format.

You can create .dvi, .htm, .pdf, or .rtf files from your documents, or generate portable LaTeX output for seamless transfer to different LaTeX installations. Also, you can copy content to the clipboard for export as text or graphics to other applications. The Document Manager simplifies file transfer by email or on diskette.

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Вы здесь » Free » Other... » Scientific Word 5.5