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Artist: Afterlife
Album: The Afterlife Lounge
Label: iLabel
Release Date: 5th June, 2006
Styles: Chill-Out, Lo-Fi, Downtempo
Quality / Bitrate: MP3 / VBR ~196 kbit/s / 44.1 Khz / Joint-Stereo
Total Time: 71:22 min
Total Size: 100 MB

1. Let It Go (feat. Batistessa) [5:27]
2. Lovedub [4:57]
3. Breakfast At Benirass (feat. Kid Stone) [5:26]
4. Souk Rok (feat. Kid Stone) [5:25]
5. Return To Margin (feat. Coldcut - Afterlife mix) [5:57]
6. The Alkemist (feat. Dos Hombres) [5:47]
7. Jello (feat. Lux) [5:33]
8. Bacalao (feat. No Logo) [5:38]
9. Home (feat. Chris Coco) [4:50]
10. China Flowers [5:43]
11. S'Estanol (feat. Dos Hombres) [5:28]
12. Sleazebag (feat. Kid Stone) [5:07]
13. Let It Go (feat. Battistessa - RKW mix) [6:10]
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By its very nature, chill out music is a genre that tends to be created to be played in the background, the backdrop to more interesting activities, a mild musical diversion from other things. Chill out music is the kind of thing that you put quietly on in the background while you have a discussion with a complete stranger at 3am, or to soothe you to sleep, its not the kind of thing to get the blood rising and raise excitement levels.
THE AFTERLIFE LOUNGE is presented as a chill out album, a collection of collaborations between renowned DJ/producer Steve Miller and a host or other similarly like minded artists. As such, this is a record that does its job well enough, the music managing to create the right kind of soothing atmospheric moods, a relaxing and luxurious collection of downtempo ambient soul.
Despite a weak start with the cheesy Ibiza dance predictability of LET IT GO, all dull female vocals and bland dance beats, THE AFTERLIFE LOUNGE settles into something of an agreeable and relaxed groove. The instrumental likes of LOVEDUB and BREAKFAST AT BENIRRAS find Afterlife providing the perfect blend of downtempo beats and smooth musical moods, you can almost see that beautiful sunrise gently popping up over the ocean here. SOUK ROK grooves to a sublime middle eastern beat, the kind of thing The Orb where experimenting with over a decade ago to arguably better results perhaps, but nevertheless, an intoxicating and invigorating ride. THE ALKEMYST dips its toes into similar musical waters, while JELLO features Lux and heads more towards a breezy light jazz feel, all muted brass and slinky keyboard runs.
The sublime Chris Coco collaboration of HOME is by far the highpoint of this collection, an affecting and emotionally charged addition to proceedings that gives the record a heart and soul above the sometimes too slick smoothness found elsewhere. S'ESTANOL and BACALEO provide a slight change in pace towards the more frantic whilst the delicate sounding CHINA FLOWERS is a strange mixture of Harold Budd, The Orb and Prince Far I. Ending much where things started with a remix of the opening track LET IT GO by producers of the moment RKW, THE AFTERLIFE LOUNGE has the unfortunate pleasure of both beginning and ending on its weakest and most bland moments, a bit of a shame really, especially when so much of the rest of the record shines so much brighter than this.
At times sublime and magical, yet at times frankly predictable and dull, THE AFTERLIFE LOUNGE makes for pleasant listening, if a little bland in places.
Listened to as a background diversion, THE AFTERLIFE LOUNGE can make for an intoxicating and sometimes beautiful distraction, and as such this is a record that contains enough magic to transcend any other criticism.

Created by Steve Miller. Sound Architect extraordinaire. Revered writer and producer of some of the finest ambient tunes and DJ at all Ibiza's churches of Chill.
After the famously loved 'Simplicity' album sold more than 60,000 copies.
Afterlife are back with THE AFTERLIFE LOUNGE. A gloriously warm and welcoming celebration of some of Steve's stunning collaborations.
THE AFTERLIFE LOUNGE delves deep into the future with an extraordinary luscious and intoxicating musical landscape. At the beginning we're introduced to the infectious and compelling vocal of Ibiza icon Cathy Battistessa on LET IT GO. The album moves along at a mellow pace where Afterlife shows his musicianship in glorious instrumentals as with THE ALKEMYST featuring Dos Hombres, HOME features Chris Coco and SLEAZEBAG which features one of three collaborations from Kid Stone. BACALAO featuring No Logo picks up the pace along with S'ESTANOL - two frenzied Latin dance floor workouts that will have the terraces of Pacha and Space rocking this Summer!
The album comes to an end with the phenomenal must have remix and LET IT GO by RKW. You'll probably know RKW from their recent production on Corrine Bailey Rae's number one album. Another demonstration that the best in the business want to work with Afterlife...
Listening to this album, you'll hear Steve Miller appreciates his surroundings in Cornwall, an inspirational base for his musical ideas. When he's not in the studio you may see him hanging off the Cornish coastal rocks armed with a digital camera, snapping at dramatic seascapes and wildlife or maybe chasing dolphins on his boat! Either way, he is an artist who takes in his surrounding environment and uses it to reflect a sense of calm in his music.
THE AFTERLIFE LOUNGE firmly establishes Steve Miller's exceptional reputation as a premier league artist and producer in the downtempo genre.
This is vital, crystal perfect listening.